Taking the excitement of tapas bar even further, we bring together the best ingredients from Spain on one plate. We pick all the products very carefully and we pay a special attention to the quality and origin of all the products. Our commitment is to create a serie of wonderful gastonomic moments for you. So sit back, relax and welcome aboard an adventurous journey of new flavours and recipes.

The owner and manager of the restaurant Jarka Šnejdarová has been behind the development of shops that follow the gourmet concept with Spanish products called “Sabores” which in translation means flavors. During the last couple of months the owner has been working hard on her project gastro bars “Sabores Tapas & Vinos”. No detail was underestimated and every step was carefully planned. The design was given into the hands of a successful designer from Madrid. She picked her chefs by asking for recommendation from the most prestigious restaurants and she had her raw materials sanctified by the most famous Spanish chefs.